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. >> your watching cbs5 eyewitness nos on the cw.
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>> a terrible tragedy near the golden gate bridge, the body of a man and child pulled from the waters of the san francisco bay. >> the american people will not have any patience for a politically self-inflicted wound to the economy. not right now. >> the president says he's optimistic, congressional leaders promise avivement why the fiscal cliff compromise will be a cliff hanger. >> and a step back in time. how you can buy a piece of the past from your favorite ride. >> grieve, i'm elizabeth cook. >> a man and child pull from the waters and sadly, neither survived. the coast gash got the call of two people in the warter near point bonita.
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alyssa is there. >> reporter: the bodies were taken to fort baker. the man and young boy were at black sands beach. known for it's beautiful views of the city and treacherous surf. this stretch of coastline in sausalito is where a man and child were swept to sea and drowned. they were found floating under the golden gate bridge. late this afternoon, around 4:00, a third person who was taken out by the waves was able to get out of the surf and call 911. >> rescue united arrived and recovered two bodies, one male adult and one child. >> reporter: the water, a chilly 53 degrees. there was a high surf advisory. the beach is popular for fishing and picnics an it is dangerous with steep paths an rocks. it was getting dark when the victims went in.
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>> we have 14 seasonal lifer guards on staff. >> reporter: no rescue tonight. the bodies where recovered and taken to fort baker. now an investigation into the deaths begins. >> our national parks are beautiful, but unforgiving. >> reporter: officials have not released if names of the games but tell me they are family members and the young boy is under the age of ten. allen. >> alyssa, there were reports the three were fish, but they can't confirm that? >> reporter: no, they just say they were hanging out on black sand beach. but they deponent know what they were doing. >> thank you. well new at 11:00, an pardon me is burned out. it happened on 26th street at about 7:00 tonight. authorities say a firefighter actually broke his arm fighting that fire, but no one else was
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hurt. signs of a compromise tonight as the country goes toward the fiscal cliff. the tax hikes will kick in january 1. danielle nottingham on the other hand what both sides are saying. >> reporter: top congressional leaders met with president obama. the president called the meeting constructive but reminded lawmakers there is not much time left. >> we are now at the point where in just four days, every american's tax rates are scheduled to go up by law. >> harry reed turned to is the gnat floor. >> we are engaged in discussions, the leader myself and the white house in the hopes that we can come forward as early as sunday and have a recommendation. >> we are going to do the best we can for the caucuses we have
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and the country that is waiting for us to make a decision. >> reporter: democratic and republican leaders have agreed to extend jobless benefits an some tax increases, but the income threshold is not yet clear. the president and senate leaders are expressing optimism nay will get the job done, but the president has a back up plan just in case. >> if an agreement isn't reached in time, between senator reed and senator mcconnell, i will urge reed to bring to the floor an up or down vote. >> reporter: that would preserve tax cuts for the middle class and extend unemployment benefits and lay the foundation for abrader deal to come. daniel nottingham. >> reporter: wall street not inpressed by the the events in washington. the nasdaq and dow jones closed
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down. going over that fiscal cliff will certainly impact your finances in several ways, some bad and some surprising. a series of temporary tax cuts for businesses will expire along with other credits and deductions. your grocery costs could go up. federal long term jobless benefits would expire for millions, but the price of gasoline could go down because of declining demand. another tax you will see go up is the estate tax. >> reporter: jeff page owns 120- acre vineyard in napa valley. but when his great grandfather came here, this was cattle country. >> before the turn of the century they came in and farmed
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orchard fruit and cattle. >> reporter: but much of the land he grew up on is gone. >> had land in the hills over there? >> yeah. >> had to sell it all. >> yeah. >> for state tacks. >> question. >> reporter: his for died in 1972 when state taxes were 77%. >> it was a big tax bill. half a million dollars, we sold off 150-acres. >> now jeff and his wife mary worry their dream of passing the land onto their two daughters will be ruined by the fiscal cliff. the estate tax would rise. at today's prices, it could be worth 8 million. >> you are wealthy, right? but it's all in the dirt.
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you know. we are dirt rich, cash poor. >> reporter: for the pages, more than money is at take. they want the land of their past to be part of their future. john blackstone, napa valley. log onto heightened patrols for drunk drivers are getting underway starting tonight. agencies will set up dui chick points. the drunk driving crack down comes as the depate is proposing tougher penalties for repeat offenders. devices to prevent a car from starting if the driver is intoxicated. >> we need to do more to save lives. >> statewide, the chp made close to 1200dui arrests during
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the holidays. another friday night road hazard, critical mass taking to the streets. only a handful of bicyclists showed up tonight in san francisco. this year marks the event's 20th year. >> checking out the headlines, three more murders brings oakland's homicide rate to it's highist since 2006. two men were shot at 1:00 a.m. 90 minutes later, a woman was stabbed to death. police made an arrest in her murder. the shootings happened in an area in west oak lan. some of san francisco's most beautiful murals have become targets for taggers. several have been vandalized from north beach to the tenderloin. vandals -- city public works says it had more than 21,000 requests for graffiti clean up this year. you can still get a freed
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ride on muni tonight. they are waiving fares on all passengers for their anniversary. the country's oldest public transit system carrying nearly 700,000 people a day. fire officials are meeting next month to discuss station closers. stationings are closing january 15 because there isn't enough money in the budget. supervisors voted to close stations in walnut creek, lafayette, and clayton. no firefighters will be laid off. the goal is to save about 3 million bucks a year. the death of a woman brutally bang raped half a world away. >> i'll be dead, aisle be murdered. >> what protesters are
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demanding for the new delhi victim. >> we had a wet friday night around the bay area and now indications it could be a wet beginning to 2013. we will have the details covering the forecast in a minute. ,,,,,,,,
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christin ayers was at san francisco's indian >> a 23-year-old woman gang raped earlier this month in new delhi india has died. demonstrators at the india consulate made an emotional plea. >> i'm so heartbroken and sad.
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i want to sit down and cry. >> the news came as activists were preparing for a vigil honoring the 23-year-old delhi woman mo had been beaten and raped on a bus. >> she passed away. >> her death added fuel to a growing fire. triggers outrage in delhi where protest eres called for safer conditions for women. today east gathering in san francisco, somer by comparison. protesters are handing over a petition demanding more security on public and private buss including gps tracking. >> this is a call that this is not okay. >> women have to speak out. >> this woman grew up in fear in delhi, certain as a woman she could be attacked everyday.
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>> everyday, i thought i will be raped or dead. i may not come home. >> activists say not much has change. rape has jumped 17%. they believe the young woman's death is a game changer. >> i believe it's a turning moment. if we get more people to speak out about it, we can make a change. >> in san francisco, christin ayers, cbs5. a bmw was pulled overnear brancrofh. but the driver took off as officers approached the car. it slammed into another car killing a 21-year-old woman. the driver of the bmw ran, but officers caught him. >> did not appear to be very much under the influence, he was able to exit his vehicle and flee seen. that would show he is coherent.
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>> police are looking for a passenger of the bmw. a pasadena chase means murder charges for two gang memberrersessers, 22-year-old darrell williams and 21-year- old brittany washington. they broadsided a mini van carrying the boy. >> a long distance live saving injury knee brings an abused german shepherd to california. shawn bennett on the people who stepped in to help. >> meet thor. >> if you leave a dog to die, that dog is not worthy and you can see he is worthy. >> reporter: the bog may have been abused and was weary underweight. >> he wayed 46-pounds, he
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should weigh close to 100. >> reporter: thor is struggling to eat. teresa says he smashes his food with his left paw and pushes it into the portion of his mouth he can open. >> i was hurt to think somebody could go to bed knowing me was starving. >> reporter: teresa tells us alaska airlines gave thor a free ticket to san francisco to get help. >> i can't believe they let me walk on the plane with this dog. >> reporter: doctors in alaska took a cat scan of thor's law. vets in rancho cordova will look to see what is wrong with the dog's jaw. >> we are going to go in there and remove the bone fusing his jaw together. >> reporter: the reason he was taken to rancho cordova is because of recommendation, because of the canine german shepherd involved in a
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shooting. in rancho cordova, shawn bennett, cbs5. all right, the rain is starting to move in. the storm has slowed down. brianbrian hackney has the forecast for us. >> we have the surf up around the bay area. waves could be up to 22 feet around the shoreline. on top of a pretty good swell. if you are going beachcombing this weekend, don't turn your back to the ocean. the waves will be pretty high this weekend. we get cloudy and showers tonight. it will be a little wet. clearing tomorrow. unsettled weather for new year's eve. first, the showers being triggered by low pressure moving close to the bay air y. most of the rain offshore. we could pick up a half an inch of rain and by tomorrow afternoon, there could be a dusting of snow on bay area peaks. so expect snow and showers
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tonight. we will get sunshine coming into the bay area tomorrow afternoon, the future cast, we roll it back to show you how it looked earlier. you see mostly cloudy conditions by the morning hours. by tomorrow afternoon, things begin to clear out with just a few clouds around. we will get more sun and stunning visibilities. we will get a few light showers in the early morning, temperatures in the 40s . after that, we get the sun. and the pinpoint forecast if you are around northern california, sunshine in eureka. light show for lake tahoe. if you are heading out on monday, expect an increasing clouds with maybe a few showers coming in monday night as well. it would be on the light side. not a big deal. forecast high monday, for sfo, 54. at new york, they are going to get some partly cloudy skies. for us tonight, the lows will be 34 in santa rosa. not as cold as last night. 35 in napa.
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36 at livermore. we will do no better than mid 50s in the bay area. livermore hits 53, extends forecasts call for cloudy conditions new year's eve. a few light showers tonight. sun on sunday, maybe a little coming in monday or tuesday. the rest of the week looks high and dry. so have a great weekend. >> thanks brian, you too. fiscal cliff is no concern for these consumers. whether they are driving a truckload of cash or a cool ride. ,,,,,,
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>> eyewitness news is brought to you by nissan. >> tonight, toyota is a step closer to paying a billion dollars legal settlement. a district judge has given preliminary approval to this class action lawsuit. 14million cars were recalled worldwide. final approval of the settlement is not expected until june. when it comes to cars, have you noticed anything different on the roads?
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well cbs5 reporter joe vasquez shows us luxury is a popular ride. >> latest attributes is an all wheel drive season. >> reporter: this holiday has been a joyride. >> we are very excited about sales. cars are flying all the shelves. >> reporter: what about the possibility of feed bumps caused by an economic stalemate in washington? >> i don't think our consumers are concerned about the fiscal cliff. they just want to buy. >> reporter: that goes for the higher end luxury cars like this 2013 bently continental. high end cars will make up 16% of retail vehicles sold in december up from 15.3% last month. a year ago, it was 14.8%. so that's a little over 1% increase year to year. >> people are buying because we
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have lots of new models. >> reporter: luxury car sales are up around the holidays because that is when bosses get their bonuses. but dealers are reporting heavier increases in other types of cars. sales of light vehicles like suvs are expected to improof by more than 13% year to year. the american car market is on the path of finishing the year at the highest level since 2007 and is expected to grow more next year barring any detours becaused by the fiscal cliff. newcomers who wish they were will get a chance. vintage license plates will be on sale. don ford has the latest. >> reporter: california is clearly the car capital of the country and if you crave the classics, the department of motor vehicles has a deal for
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you. starting this january 1, for 50 extra dollars, you can order a vintage looking license plate for your car. brad owns my hot cars. a classic muscle car showroom in livermore. >> you you can have it on anyway according to the way the law reads. you can visit on your prius, you can have it on your new camaro. >> reporter: originally, vintage plates meant your car was born and raised in california. especially with collector cars. >> previously, to this new law, the black and yellow plates gave it a 10% increase in value because that unique california heritage. >> reporter: craig is a retired judge and car collector from southern california. he says the state needs the money. how do you judge that? >> how do i judge that?
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i would say we are raising revenue. we should raise some revenue. >> reporter: the new old plate can only be ordered online can you can customize them, too. the new plates won't be delivered until 2015. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> sports brought to you by toyota. >> carson palmer was injured, je prior will make his first start and that can be a little scary. >> getting your first start in the nfl, of course you would be
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nervous. dennis allen made the call to go with prior as the starter in san diego. he was given six stabs this year in the last two games. the last time he started a game was in january of 2011 with ohio state. -- smith told reporters today, he will be back for the playoffs. mark jackson as warrior squad tonight, karl landry inside the bucket and the foul. double double off the bench. golden state was up by three. 6ers climb. david lee scored. golden state win 96-89. got to show you this, the way the game went in sacramento. james johnson gets his first three of the season. it came at a great time. the kings win it. that's the only time i show a kings highlight.
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but i have to. >> thanks gary, see you at 11:00! ,,,,,,

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